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Short and sweet:

April 17, 2012

I’ve just made some changes to my blog page, About LB’s Fiction. That’s the one with the full list of everything that’s in print and/or eVailable, with series listed in order, and with live links to everything.

HarperCollins made some big waves when they put The Sins of the Father on special at 99¢, and dropped the price of all my other titles to $3.99. The response has been remarkable. I don’t know how long the new price policy will last, but while it does I wanted to make it easy for you to find the bargains. So I’ve annotated the page accordingly. LB’s Fiction. (So-called in spite of the fact that there are some non-fiction titles there as well.)

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  1. sewcraftyme permalink

    I just finished The Sins of our Fathers again yesterday and it remains one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read. It’s plain spoken but it hits so hard. It will have you looking in the dark corners of your life. Reminded me all over again why you, Lawrence Block, are one of the very best at this writing game and why Matt is the best at what he does. Thank you for the journey, the memories and the chance to fall in love with Matt all over again. Sweet, sweet memories.

  2. I have been having medical issues again so I have been in bed resting and reading. My books of choice this time? Matthew Scudder. And, because of the price, I have been feeling happy about reading them. Thanks so much.

  3. Get well soon, Cyn!

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