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A veteran writer embraces self-publishing

July 13, 2012

Kate Wilhelm sold her first short story in 1956—she beat me by a year—and she’s been writing and publishing ever since. Her announcement of her new venture is worth a look, and I’ve posted some of it on my A Few Words For Writers page.

No free stories this weekend. No new offerings or special prices in LB’s Bookstore. No big announcements (although there’ll be some news in the next week or so).

So watch a little TV, get a little sun, take a little break…


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  1. Joy Block permalink

    Wonderful Cousin Larry, I have been enjoying Ehrengraf for the Defense. I do believe I may head to Fort Myers Beach tomorrow and get a little sun while I finish the terrific book you put together. It is rainy season (remember that?) and you can’t set your watch by it any more, but you know it is coming sometime so rain or shine I will finish yet another of your fabulous offerings. Thank you.
    Cousin Joy

  2. Thanks, Joy—have fun!

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