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A mystery solved!

May 3, 2013

Over the years, a few booksellers and collectors have tried to locate a Dell book listed as Their Own Thing—but no one has ever seen a copy, or heard tell of one offered for sale. My friend Lynn Munroe, paperbacker extraordinaire, reports a solution to the mystery, and I’ve posted it on the John Warren Wells page.

JWW, you see, is the book’s author. I suppose I might have published it on Jill Emerson’s page, as she’s the dedicatee.

I know, I know.

You may like the cover art, but you’ll have to use the link to get there, as the illustration is arguably Not Save For Work…


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  1. Lisa permalink

    I remember reading about this missing book in a previous newsletter. Not my cup of tea (sorry), but things disappearing is just never okay. Glad it’s found.

  2. Your memories of the past are always so interesting to read. Well written as usual.

  3. At 69 years of age I wrote my very short fiction story. I did it for fun, not for profit. Because I admire you as a fiction writer, I welcome your critique. Here is the link:
    The best to you and your wife.

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