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JWW moves beyond Kindle

June 21, 2013

Launching the 18 John Warren Wells books as Kindle Select titles has allowed me to give some away periodically, so that y’all can see if they’re your cup of tea (or 5-hour energy drink). But that meant leaving out all the Nooksters and ApplePickers and Kobo Hoboes among you, so over the next several months I’ll be making the books eVailable one by one at Barnes & Noble (for Nook) and Smashwords (for Apple, Kobo, Sony Reader)…

To read the rest, scan the full list of JWW titles, and see the new cover for Versatile Ladies, go to the John Warren Wells page.

Or you can skip all that and buy Versatile Ladies for Nook or Smashwords. (Or for Kindle, as far as that goes…)

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One Comment
  1. Suz what permalink

    I am looking forward to reading the JWW books. Thank you for making them available.

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