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Reopened: LB’s eBay Bookstore

August 30, 2013

We closed the bookstore back in May, anticipating a June reopening, and wound up keeping the virtual doors locked for an extra couple of months. But as of today we’re back in business, still an eBay top-rated seller, with a good stock of signed copies for sale. At the moment we’ve got 126 items listed, and should be adding more in the coming weeks. Some are hard to find and one-of-a-kind. Have a look!

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  1. Gregg permalink

    Welcome back! I look forward to browsing the virtual aisles for new additions. I am also eagerly awaiting my copy of “Catch and Release”.

  2. Missed you! Just uploaded your picture on Goodreads when you were 44. Found it on the dust cover of Eight Million Days to Die. Great picture! You are still good looking like you were then. Can’t wait to read Eight Million…looking for more of your books here, too. So many books. Love it!

  3. Meant to say congratulations on winning the Shamus for Eight Million Ways to Die when it was published in 1982.

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