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Catch and Release—Released!

September 18, 2013

CatchReleaseCoverSubterranean Press has begun shipping hardcover copies of my new short story collection, Catch and Release, and a beautiful book it is. While the entire edition is essentially sold out, you may be able to secure a copy, if not from the publisher then from an online bookseller or mystery specialty store. But don’t drag your feet; Subterranean’s printing is a small one, and when they’re gone, well, they’re gone.

I’ve just published the Catch and Release eBook, expertly formatted  by Jaye Manus, with Ken Laager’s great cover art. It’s eVailable right now at Amazon (for Kindle) Barnes & Noble (for Nook) and Smashwords (for virtually everything else—Kobo, Apple, Sony Reader, and your pop-up toaster.)

This is the book that led Publishers Weekly’s reviewer to enthuse, “If Block were a serial killer instead of one of the best storytellers of our time, we’d be in real trouble.” The book’s a big one, with 17 previously uncollected explorations of the dark side, including 13 short stories, two novellas, a one-act stage play, and a newspaper op-ed piece, and I have to say I’m pleased with it.

Will there be a paperback?

There will indeed, same size as the Subterranean hardcover, same cover as the eBook, and it’ll be coming soon to an online bookseller near you. Rest assured I’ll let you know about it.

And that’s all for now. I’ve got packing to do, I’m off to Bouchercon in Albany in the morning, but I wanted to get this to you first.


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  1. matthewasprey permalink

    Bought on Smashwords, eager to get reading. Congratulations on what seems to be your five millionth book, LB.

    Best wishes,
    Matt Asprey

    • Seems that way to me, too, Matt. As the fellow wrote, “Of making many books there is no end.” Dude knew what he was talking about…

      • matthewasprey permalink

        Here’s to the next five million.

  2. juliabarrett permalink

    Congrats! Love the book! And yeah, you are one scary dude!

  3. kt ford permalink

    good news! preordering copies posthastedly

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