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Well, here’s an interesting site:

October 2, 2013

idahofallsIt’s called eReaderiQ, and it tracks titles on Kindle. If you want, it’ll notify you when a title you’re interested in drops in price. I did an EgoSearch, naturally, and found it fascinating to see all my titles listed, with price reductions chronicled wherever they applied. (I was also puzzled to note, among my titles, Block by Block: The Post Register Looks at the Neighborhoods of Idaho Falls. I don’t know that I want it, but I have to admit it seems quite reasonable at $2.99.)

Even without Idaho Falls—or another intriguing eVolume about Knitting Block by Block, which I can only suppose is about tying those Idaho neighborhoods together—I’ve got a whole lot of titles listed.

Collect them all! Win valuable prizes!


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  1. Cathy DuPont permalink

    Thanks but passing on Block by Block in favor of reading a book by one Lawrence Block.

    Next, tomorrow I think/hope is When The Sacred Ginmill Closes, number six in Matthew Scudder series. Only 11 more to go and I’ll be disappointed when I come close to the end. Scudder is a great guy, love him, problems and all. Not quite marriageable material for me, but hey, maybe I can change him. Surrrrrre.

  2. I dunno, Cathy. You might be the one woman who could manage it…

    • Cathy DuPont permalink

      Hi LB…Nice compliment but never found a man who could be changed. I might be wrong there but that’s my experience.

      Scudder though is a great guy, no frou-frou or frills with him. And maybe not marriageable material but “he can put his shoes under my bed any night” or day (I added the day.) I know, a cliche’ but I’m starting to like them.

      Do appreciate the kind words though…(Pssss, LB, I think I’m falling for him though but don’t tell him, please, our secret. I’ll know by book #8 for sure.)

  3. I have one Kindle named “Larry” because it’s pretty full up with LB titles, and then I noticed there are a few I haven’t read. Suppose I’ll have to get another Kindle. I’ll name it Larry Jr.

    That is a fun site. Thanks for pointing it out. (contributing to the delinquency of browsers…)

  4. Levin Messick permalink

    Maybe Keller can take a trip to Idaho Falls and take care of a problem or two by going Block by Block.

  5. LB, you have a touch of Gary Larson, “The Far Side” in you.

  6. Yonatan permalink

    Hi Larry,

    I was about to buy Enough Rope, but it is unavailable as a kindle download in Europe. I have read it in hardcover, but my wife couldn’t hold the thing up. I hope this changes so I can purchase a digital copy for her.

    • Yonatan, there’s a reason why this is the case. A couple of years before Enough Rope was published by HarperCollins in the US, my UK publishers at Orion brought out Collected Mystery Stories, containing 71 stories; Enough Rope is larger, with around a dozen additional stories. Consequently Enough Rope can’t be distributed in the territories where Orion’s rights are in force—and that includes the UK and, as far as I can tell, Europe as well. (For example, here’s a link to Orion’s Kindle edition on Amazon’s German site.)

      I’m told there’s a way around this—i.e., to order from, the US site, when one is in fact in Europe, but it’s beyond my area of expertise.

      Hmmm. Try this, Yonatan: the Kindle listing for Enough Rope at Amazon’s Brazilian site. And let me know if it works for you…

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